The Ocean’s Gifts
with Blue Tech and Innovation,
For Society, For the Future

Tadashi Matsunaga, Ph.D
Tadashi Matsunaga, Ph.D
Marine Open Innovation Institute

The ocean is the mother of life. From historic times, the Earth and humankind have reaped a variety of benefits from the ocean. We, who live in this place called Shizuoka, blessed with having the deep and abundant Suruga Bay and a long coastline, have enjoyed the various gifts fostered by the fertile ocean while living in coexistence with the ocean. A healthy ocean has fostered healthy life and abundant culture.

Today, as various sciences and technology such as digital, IT, AI, networks, sensing, monitoring and biotechnology develop rapidly, we are also able to discover the existence of unknown gifts that the ocean possesses. The ocean is still full of possibility for yielding many new gifts for us.

On the other hand, in recent years, the ocean’s appearance has been changing, as seen with the problems of global warming and marine pollution, especially marine plastic waste. Concerns are rising that it may become difficult to enjoy the same gifts as before. There is an urgent need to investigate the cause of what is happening in the ocean, but there are still countless things we do not know about the ocean in the first place.

Recently, the economic effect of the sustainable gifts gained from the ocean is called Blue Economy, and not only are Europe and the US taking notice but countries throughout the Pacific Ocean are as well. And, collectively naming the diverse technology for realizing Blue Economy as Blue Tech, we have started to work on creating a new industry that could be called the ocean industry.

We, who have until now freely received the ocean’s gifts, must hand down the ocean’s gifts to future generations. In order to gain the ocean’s gifts in a sustainable way, and in order for people to maintain healthy lives far into the future with these gifts, it is important to endeavor to preserve the ocean and its resources and use them in a sustainable way.

In our land of Shizuoka, fostered by an abundance of the ocean’s gifts, we declare: to endeavor to learn much more about our mother ocean, discover new gifts with Blue Tech and join together to create new value and solve the challenges within multiple industrial fields. Accordingly, along with striving to realize a more abundant society of health and longevity, we will uphold living with the ocean into the future.

We hope for the approval and cooperation from the many people who feel the same way.