What is MaOI Forum

The MaOI Forum is membership network organization of the MaOI Institute. Aiming to create a new industrial hub in Shizuoka Prefecture that utilizes marine resources and protects the environment, the forum is working to ensure continued healthy longevity and quality living through the use of blue tech. In tandem with universities and research institutes, the forum will provide the latest information and give presentations on marine biotechnology and other blue tech fields. Through these, it will provide a platform for networking and the sharing of information among members in industry, government, academia, and finance, while proactively supporting members’ business activities, technological innovations, and value creation.

MaOI Forum Activities

Promoting communication and member interaction through the hosting of various seminars and symposiums

We invite experts and corporate representatives engaged in the latest research to our range of ocean- and water-related seminars. We have an array of seminars scheduled for the future, too, on themes that include the smartification of the fishery industry; the use of functional marine ingredients in food products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals; the development of new energy sources; and the resolution of marine environment issues such as marine plastics.

Creating a collaboration network with other research institutes and supporting commercialization through business matching and other initiatives

The MaOI Forum comprises diverse members from industry, academia, government, and finance. Coordinators lead the collection of information on research seeds and corporate needs, and relay the information back to each party to create new research themes and promote business matching with a view to collaboration. Further, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that even first-time collaborators can launch their projects smoothly. This support encompasses the introduction of business partners required for the new business, advice on business and research planning, and consultations regarding subsidies and the procurement of funds.

The MaOI Forum is ideal for:

Individuals/organizations involved in the fishing and fishery industries with an interest in the latest initiatives

The forum can provide guidance on installing the latest technologies at the production sites of aquaculture businesses, as well as tips on cost-cutting and labor-saving measures, and provide information on how to create appealing products.

Individuals/organizations involved in food products, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare

The forum can provide seeds of information which could lead to the development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and functional food products using new functional substances derived from marine organisms.

Individuals/organizations providing the latest technologies who are looking for new business opportunities(corporations, startups, researchers)

Using your digital, robotics, and monitoring technologies, the forum can offer opportunities for new businesses in the marine industry, relating to the acquisition of marine environment data, utilization of resources, and protection of the marine environment.

Corporations engaged in initiatives for Society 5.0 and associated SDGs

The forum facilitates the creation of new business opportunities to resolve issues such as marine plastics.

Overview of the MaOI Forum

Membership system and annual fee
General members:
Corporations, groups, and individuals interested in the MaOI Project (50,000 yen/member)
Supporting members:
National Institutes, regional governments, universities, research institutes, etc. (Free)
Main businesses
  • Hosting of seminars, presentations, and meetings
  • Sharing of information through the website and other means
  • Hosting of meetings concerning research seeds and corporate needs, and supporting individual business matching
  • Support for issues with commercialization and administrative work
  • One-stop support service (consultations, etc.) for all aspects of business