What is the MaOI-PARC?

MaOI-PARC is a facility that utilizes Shizuoka Prefecture’s rich marine resources to promote and create diverse industries.
The facility seeks to generate innovation through marine biotechnology and other blue tech fields.

Facility Information

The Facility is open for all MaOI Forum members.

(1) Entrance

The entrance symbolizes the combination of advanced technology and nature by incorporating metallic materials and the warmth of wood produced in Shizuoka Prefecture. The blue gradation of the MaOI-PARC logo represents the rich water sources of Mt. Fuji, the depth of Suruga Bay, and the future of the facility.

(2) MaOI Lab (joint laboratory)

This experiment lab is for universities, research institutes, corporations, and other groups to conduct joint research on molecular biology. The lab supports genome determination, analysis of environmental DNA and metagenomes, isolation of microorganisms, genome editing, and single-cell research (single-cell technology) using droplet systems.

(3) Reception and office

(4) Collaborative laboratories x 4

These rooms can be used on a daily basis as an administrative and working space for users of the joint laboratory.

(5) Community space

This multi-purpose space can be used for meetings and various other purposes.


9:00–17:00; Mon–Fri
Excluding public holidays and New Year (Dec 29–Jan 3)

Facility Fees
Please see the table below for fees.
When using the MaOI Lab, you will be separately charged the actual costs for reagents, etc.
We will issue an invoice for the fees incurred the previous month at the start of the next; please make the payment by the date stated on the invoice.

Category Size Use Daily fee Monthly fee
MaOI Lab* 81㎡ Genome extraction 8,700yen
Isolation and culture of microorganisms 15,900yen
Library creation for amplicon metagenomes 14,100yen
Library creation for shotgun sequencing 18,000yen
Library creation for single-cell genomics 22,400yen
Collaborative laboratory no. 1–4 13㎡ Research and administrative work, etc. 900yen 18,000yen
Community space 93㎡ Seminars, etc. 6,100yen

*There is an additional charge ( 700 yen per hour ) after 17:00 pm.
*Fees for the MaOI Lab are an example; invoices will be issued based on the actual equipment and reagents used.


The MaOI Institute spearheads collaboration with prefectural experiment and research institutes, as well as universities, to undertake joint research pertaining to marine data from Suruga Bay and elsewhere.
This marine data from the waters of Shizuoka is collected on the open BISHOP data platform, and is then used to promote industries and protect the environment.
MaOI Forum members are free to access and use the data (some of the data is not publicly available).
Moreover, within the data platform is a library of marine microorganisms, which brings together and arranges information on ocean-derived microorganisms, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and more found in Suruga Bay and other waters in and around Shizuoka. Corporations, research institutes, and other groups can apply to use the library.

Projects related to the BISHOP Database

・Enhancement of library of marine-based effective microorganisms
・Biological research of fishery resources in Suruga Bay using eDNA
・Development of health management methods for cultured fish using enterobacteria analysis

Our Research Projects

・Genome sequencing of Sakura shrimp and Japanese spider crabs from Suruga Bay
・Development of new marine resource management methods using genetic polymorphism, etc.