Marine Open Innovation Institute (MaOI)

What is MaOI InstituteWhat is MaOI Institute

About Marine Open Innovation Institute (MaOI)

Shizuoka Prefecture is aiming to become a global hub for the Blue Economy (a sustainable marine-related economy) and one that simultaneously promotes marine-related industries, while also engaging conservation of the precious marine environment.
MaOI is one of the organizations spearheading this project by Shizuoka Prefecture, and we are engaged predominantly in the following three ocean-related activities.

the Blue Economy

  • Operating the MaOI Forum, a member’s only network organization bringing together industry, government, academia and the financial sector
  • Matching research seeds with corporate needs and implementing support and surveys towards commercialization
  • Offering one-stop research assistance and advice, as well as IP management and start-up support

Developing and Operating
a Marine R&D Hub

  • Creating and utilizing a library and database of marine resources
  • Utilizing and managing research facilities and equipment, etc(joint laboratories, shared equipment, etc)
  • Cooperating with universities, research institutions and existing platforms to promote R&D and industrial applications

Encouraging interaction and partnership between people
and organization relating
to the oceans

  • Operating the “Association for the Future of Shizuoka's Beautiful and Bountiful Sea,” which promotes cooperation between residents, civic groups and organizations relating to the oceans
  • Building a network that promotes learning about the oceans and encourages people to become more familiar with the marine environment

MaOI aims to develop diverse industries by bringing together industry, government, academia and the financial sector to promote Blue Tech innovation


Introduction of bio and digital technologies at aqua-farming production sites, with the aim of creating appealing products, conserving energy, and reducing production costs.

  • Persons involved in aqua-farming
    (existing and new entrants)

  • Providers of digital/bio technologies
    (research institutions, including universities,
    private companies, etc.)

Food Products

Creation of functional food and functional processed food products utilizing functional ingredients derived from marine resources, and development of high value-added products.

  • Persons involved in the production
    and sale of food products
    (existing and new entrants)

  • Researchers of functional ingredients and
    businesses capable of engaging in commercialization
    (research institutions, including universities,
    private companies, etc.)

Drug Discovery

Utilize new functional substances derived from marine resources to create pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that contribute to health and longevity, and introduce these to the market.

  • Persons involved in production and
    sale of pharmaceuticals and
    cosmetic products

  • Research institutions,
    including universities,
    private companies, etc.

Others (Environment, Energy, Water, Agriculture, etc.)

Development of new energy resources and reduction of food loss utilizing the characteristics of microalgae, and the development of resource management technologies utilizing sensor devices.

  • Sensor device
    venture companies

  • Research institutions,
    including universities,
    private companies, etc.

Professional Members of MaOI

  • President:
    Tadashi Matsunaga,Ph.D.

    (President of Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)

  • Institute Director:
    Takashi Gojobori,Ph.D.

    (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Distinguished Professor of Bioscience Biological, Environmental Science and Engineering)

  • Board Member / General Producer:
    Masahiro Hashimoto,Ph.D.

    (Tokyo Institute of Technology Director of Department, Professor Department of Innovation Science School of Environment and Society)

About Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka Prefecture is easily accessible from Japan’s major cities.

  • Tokyo: Approx. 1 hourby Shinkansen express train
  • Nagoya: Approx. 1 hourby Shinkansen express train
  • Osaka: Approx. 2 hoursby Shinkansen express train

The R&D hub MaOI-PARC

The R&D hub MaOI-PARC is scheduled to open in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in the autumn of 2020.

Shizuoka’s Geographic Characteristics and Potential

Shizuoka is blessed with a magnificent natural environment, being home to Japan’s highest mountain,
Mt. Fuji, and bordered to the south by Japan’s deepest bay, Suruga Bay.

Shizuoka Prefecture is an ideal region
for linking marinebiotechnology
to industrial development.

Suruga Bay has one of the world’s most diverse marine environments, from shallows to the deep sea, with great biodiversity spawned by the natural spring waters that
flow down from Mt. Fuji.

Already a wide range of industries are active in Shizuoka, including medicine and health, and the food industry.

Industry-academia-government collaborative projects are already in place that aim to generate synergy
in such areas as medicine and health, food, optical and electronic technologies, and advanced agriculture.

  • University of Shizuoka

  • Fuji Pharma Valley Initiatives


Marine Open Innovation Institute (MaOI Institute)

Shizuoka Chuo Bldg. 8F, 9-18, Ohtemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka 420-0853 Japan*Plan to relocate to Shimizu Marine Building in autumn 2020 (Hinode-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City)
July 1, 2019 (Funded 100% by Shizuoka Prefecture)
Tadashi Matsunaga, Ph.D.(President, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Institute Director
Takashi Gojobori, Ph.D.(Distinguished Professor of Bioscience, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Board Member /
General Producer
Masahiro Hashimoto, Ph.D.(Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Overview of Operations
  • Collection, analysis and provision of information
  • Exchange and partnership among industry, academia, government and financial institutions
  • Development and commercialization of innovative technologies
  • Surveys and R&D
  • Developing of sales channels and improving sales potential
  • Human resources development