Basic Directions for R&D
and Industrial Applications

The Development of a Diverse Industry with Blue Tech


  • To develop seedling production and aquaculture techniques using biotechnology
  • To develop brand-marketable fish, such as safe, healthy and delicious fish, fish that promotes health, etc.

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

  • To develop pharmaceuticals and cosmetics using new functional substances derived from marine organisms, etc.

Building an R&D

  • To collect, accumulate and utilize environmental data and marine life resources from Suruga Bay and other sources
  • To understand both market trends in marine biotech-related industries and economic ripple effects, etc.


  • To develop appealing functional foods and processed foods using marine-derived microorganisms and functional substances, etc.


Environment and Energy, Agriculture, Water, IT, Device Development, etc.

  • To develop new functionality through cooperation in agriculture and fishery-related areas
  • To help solve the problem of microplastics in the ocean
  • To utilize microalgae in industry, etc.